Dubbleware is the brand that is responsible for outfitting the generation that built America as we know it today.


The brand was created in 1918 by famed manufacturer M Hoffman. The first factory was in Hoffman’s home town of Boston, Massachusetts. The brand was quickly adopted by farmers and became the standard for workwear across America in the 1930s. The factory was heavily effected by the conflict during the 40s and closed down after the second World.

The original factory was the first to create inclusive workwear, that geared the marketing towards women as well as men.

All Dubbleware products feature buttons, labels and trims inspired by the distinctive original branding from the 1930's.

We offer selvedge denim made on vintage shuttle looms to create an authentic hard wearing product.

Cut & Sewn using Union Special machines like the good old days creating garments for a lifetime of use. 


The brand has always been committed to creating the best workwear on the market, operating under the tag line ‘Demand the best’ during the 30s an ethos that has remained unchanged to the present day. The original product offering ranged from denim pants, to hickory dungarees and chambray boiler suits. To this date, Dubbleware are still working perfecting the silhouette for workwear, in turn creating timeless pieces.

From The Archives

Here's a selection of Dubbleware pieces accumulated by an array of workwear collectors and aficionados worldwide